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Services & Information

We tackle a different variety of services  as well as provide information to accompany them. We like to keep you, our customer, informed on how we perform. We encourage everyone to ask questions as to better help us fulfil needs that should be addressed from the beginning. 

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Surface & Concrete Cleaning

There are many types of surfaces that need to be cleaned to keep the look and condition that you want. To keep it looking new is the goal, and that's were we come into the picture. Blast Off Exterior Cleaning specializes in cleaning surfaces that need that attention. We have taken the time to study the different types of cleaning methods to allow us to restore the look of most surfaces and bring them back to how they once were. Concrete, brick, pavers and anything in-between, we have the knowledge to keep your property looking great. Even if your driveway or drive-thru is covered in oil or your sidewalk or walkways have gum, rust marks or other contaminants it is our pleasure to be the ones that take on that headache for you. With our satisfaction guarantee. We will always leave the property looking better than before.

Soft Washing

When you think of pressure washing you typically think of high pressure water blasting away the different dirt, mildew, and other grime that is on your house or building. A variety of building surfaces cannot withstand that kind of force and pressure being applied to them. With that being said many innovative companies have come together and discovered that using different solutions can allow you to wash away the unwanted dirt and grime without damaging the those surfaces. This newer technology is what allows Blast Away Exterior Cleaning to effectively clean your property without damaging the structural integrity of the surfaces. 


An example we like to use is when we clean the many types of roofing materials we come across, we would use a solution to remove the black or green algae/mold without having to use an intense pressure washer. This not only removes the grime but prolongs the roofing materials life and makes for a cleaner roof. 

Whether you go with Blast Off Exterior Cleaning or another company, make sure that they are not using high pressure as this can and will decrease the life expectancy of your roof and will lead to a costly repair sooner than it needs to.

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Deck & Wood Cleaning

Everyone knows that it is very difficult to make your wood fence and deck look like new, especially years after it was first built or installed. We strive to make that happen. We use special formulated solutions that allow us to remove the dirt, mildew, dead fibers and grime off the fence and then bring it to a condition like it was new. Depending on the severity it is something we pride our selves in. 

Fence Washing & Restoration

The process of cleaning and maintaining fences is remove dirt, grime, mold, and other types of buildup that can accumulate on the surface of the fence over time. Fences are exposed to various elements such as rain, wind, sun, and even pollution, which can cause them to look dull, discolored, and unattractive. Fence washing involves the use of different solutions depending on the material and mild water pressure to remove the buildup and the fence's  appearance.

We use specialized equipment and cleaning agents to achieve optimal results while minimizing damage to the fence. Some fences may require additional treatments such as stain or sealant application to protect the wood from future damage. We provide a that service to prepare the surface to be clean and ready for what every you chose to do.


Fence washing not only enhances the appearance of the fence but also helps extend its lifespan by removing harmful substances that can weaken the structure. Regular fence washing is recommended to maintain the beauty and integrity of the fence for years to come.

man Pressure Washing a dirty Wooden Fence , Old into New , Cleaning my fence with a Pressu
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Roof Washing

Roof washing is a process of cleaning and maintaining roofs to remove dirt, moss, algae, and other types of buildup that can accumulate on the surface of the roof over time. Roofs are exposed to various elements such as rain, wind, sun, and even pollution, which can cause them to look discolored, stained, and unattractive. Roof washing involves the use of specialized equipment and cleaning agents to remove the buildup and restore the roof's original appearance.

Professional roof washing services typically use soft washing techniques to avoid damaging the roof's surface. As stated before soft washing involves the use of low-pressure water streams and cleaning solutions that are safe for the the roof. In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of the roof, roof washing can also prevent damage caused by moss and algae growth, which can lead to water leaks and structural damage. Regular roof washing is recommended to maintain the visual appeal of the roof and to prolong its lifespan.

Stain Removal

Stain removal is difficult to achieve but we have learned, that with the right techniques and cleaning agents, most of these stains can be eliminated with little to no trace. Oil, grease, gum, rust, hard water and mineral deposits are some of the biggest and most unsightly challenges that can plague a property owner. We do these services with a few different heavy duty solutions that will remove the stain and be completely safe for use when finished.

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Commercial Services

As a business owner or manager you know that a lot of work goes into keeping a profitable business running smoothly. The last thing we want to do is worry about keeping up with the exterior of our businesses. Although we don't want to, we need to. What a business looks like on the outside is the difference between a customer and a passerby. That's were Blast Off Exterior Cleaning comes into play. We work hard to make sure that your property and business looks as good as it can. We have focused a lot of our resources on finding affordable solutions that allow us to service the commercial community in order to keep your profits were they are at. We also offer affordable maintenance packages that cut the initial cost and provide a set number of cleanings throughout the year to maintain that clean professional look.


Our services include:

Sidewalks and Walkways

Drive-Thru and Driveways

Parking lots

Gas Stations

Shopping Centers

Gum Removal

Oil Stains 

Rust Stains

Mineral Deposits

Mold/ Mildew

Grease and Grease Stains

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